Amazon and Their Southeast Renewable Energy Expansion

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Recent Operational Milestones and Accelerated Goals

Amazon continues to expand its worldwide renewable energy portfolio as part of its commitment to achieving net-zero carbon emissions. Specifically in the southeastern United States, the company has successfully established 30 solar and wind projects.

Upon reaching full operational capacity, Amazon’s five new solar and wind projects are projected to generate over 7,500 GWh of electricity. These projects include a large-scale wind farm in Mississippi, as well as multiple solar farms in Arkansas and Georgia.

With a clear objective of powering its operations entirely with renewable energy by 2025, Amazon stands as the leading global buyer of renewable energy. The company holds this distinction not only on a global scale but also in several states, including Kentucky, Missouri, and Mississippi. In 2022, Amazon procured a significant 8.3 GW of renewable energy, marking a corporate record. These efforts are aimed at providing sustainable power to their data centers, fulfillment centers, and physical stores.

A number of Amazon’s initiatives in the southeastern region have recently commenced operations, encompassing various projects such as the Turkey Creek Solar Ranch situated in Kentucky, the Bulldog Solar Farm and Sunny Solar Farm located in Georgia, and a rooftop solar installation at the Amazon Air Hub within the Cincinnati Northern Kentucky International Airport.

In 2019, Amazon co-founded the Climate Pledge, a collective effort that has garnered nearly 400 signatories committed to achieving net-zero carbon emissions by 2040, a decade in advance of the Paris agreement targets. Initially, Amazon had set a target of reaching this milestone by 2030, but the company has since accelerated its efforts and revised the goal to 2025.

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