Ambri’s 2021 Funding: Advancing Energy Technology

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Ambri Secures $144 Million for Daily Cycling System Technology and Domestic Manufacturing Facility

Ambri, an energy storage developer specializing in a liquid metal battery system, has achieved a significant milestone by securing its inaugural agreement with a utility provider, marking a crucial step towards commercialization.

The liquid metal battery technology serves as a promising alternative to conventional lithium-ion batteries, which tend to degrade over time, and pumped-hydropower storage systems, which heavily rely on specific geographical features. Ambri’s battery comprises a calcium alloy and antimony separated by molten salt, enabling the system to function efficiently at high temperatures as the calcium and salt turn into liquid form. This unique liquid-based design significantly reduces degradation when compared to lithium-ion batteries, granting the Ambri battery a remarkable 20-year operational lifespan. The insulated battery system is self-heated and undergoes daily cycles.

Ambri has teamed up with Xcel Energy to conduct joint testing of a 300-kWh liquid metal battery system at SolarTAC in Aurora, Colorado, over a period of 12 months. This collaboration will enable a comprehensive evaluation of the system’s capabilities and performance. The installation process is set to commence in early 2024, with full system operation expected later that year. The GridNXT Microgrid Platform at SolarTAC will be employed to integrate various energy generation sources like solar and wind, alongside inverters, load banks, and 3-phase distribution connections and communications.

This partnership represents Ambri’s first-ever utility pilot system deployed in the field, offering a real-world demonstration of its liquid metal batteries. Furthermore, it signifies the primary assessment and validation of these innovative batteries by a major U.S. utility. Throughout the testing phase, Xcel Energy and Ambri will explore diverse use cases, including solar and wind integration, capacity management, arbitrage, and ancillary services, among others.

During the year 2021, Ambri unveiled a substantial $144 million financing round, supported by Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd from India, Paulson & Co. Inc, and Bill Gates, who is the company’s primary shareholder. The purpose behind raising these funds was twofold: to facilitate the financing and commercialization of Ambri’s long-duration system technology, designed for daily cycling, and to establish a domestic manufacturing facility, as specified by the company.

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