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Milestone Moments For South Fork Wind

South Fork Wind: Progress Amid Challenges The inaugural offshore wind turbine for South Fork Wind has been successfully erected, marking a significant achievement in New York’s offshore wind development and positioning itself as the potentially first fully operational utility-scale wind farm in U.S. federal waters. This 130-MW offshore wind farm, owned by Eversource and Ørsted,…

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Navigating Texas Grid Challenges: Odessa Disturbances

ERCOT’s Close Calls: Odessa’s Reliability Challenges Power system engineers are accustomed to proceeding cautiously, ensuring meticulous attention to detail—the nuts and bolts, the fine print. The energy transition, however, has induced a seismic shift on a grid originally designed for stability and reliability with synchronous generation at its core. The push to decarbonize has unearthed…

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Biden’s Climate Actions: Praise and Criticism

Sunrise Movement Applauds, Critics Challenge Fossil Fuel Moves Climate Power, an advocacy group, has unveiled plans to allocate $80 million for an advertising initiative aimed at highlighting President Joe Biden’s environmental and climate agenda in the lead-up to the 2024 election. The campaign’s primary goal is to educate voters about the president’s comprehensive plans for…

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Air Force and Wind Turbines Collaboration Challenges

Navigating the Turbulent Intersection The extensive subterranean nuclear missile silos of the Air Force are rarely disturbed, typically only encountering the occasional wandering cow or drifting spy balloon. However, the Air Force is currently seeking Congress’ assistance in addressing an unexpected threat: the proliferation of towering wind turbines, increasing in both number and size and…

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US Renewable Energy Tax Credits: Domestic Content Bonuses

Understanding Domestic Content Bonuses in US Renewable Energy Tax Credits Canadian Solar has unveiled its plans to construct a 5 GW solar cell production facility in Indiana, signaling a significant commitment to expanding its presence in the United States. The Jeffersonville plant will be responsible for manufacturing solar cells to support Canadian Solar’s forthcoming 5…

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Floating Solar’s Emergence in the US and Its Asian Origins

From Asia to America: The Growing Appeal of Floating Solar Technology D3Energy, a company specializing in floating solar technology, has unveiled its collaboration with Del-Co Water to introduce Ohio’s inaugural floating solar project. This initiative marks a novel approach to solar deployment in Ohio, emphasizing the conservation of the state’s land. Del-Co Water, a water…

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