Fervo’s Project Red: Geothermal Breakthrough Achievement

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Fervo’s 30-Day Well Test Sets Geothermal Records, Paving the Way for Cape Station’s Economic Impact

Fervo Energy recently celebrated a groundbreaking event marking the commencement of its exploration drilling campaign at Cape Station, an innovative geothermal energy initiative poised to generate 400 MW of eco-friendly electricity. Cape Station is scheduled to initiate continuous clean power delivery to the grid by 2026 and attain full-scale production by 2028.

Situated in Beaver County, Utah, Cape Station is expected to create approximately 6,600 jobs during its construction phase and maintain a workforce of 160 full-time employees during its operational period, resulting in over $437 million in earned wages, as reported by Fervo.

In February, the Utah Bureau of Land Management granted approval for the project’s initial Environmental Assessment (EA), issuing a Finding of No Significant Impact in accordance with the National Environmental Policy Act. This EA enables Fervo to initiate exploration activities at the Cape Station location. Throughout all its operations, Fervo remains steadfast in its commitment to environmental well-being, safety, and robust community engagement.

Utah boasts significant geothermal potential, with experts estimating over 10 GW of high-quality geothermal reserves in the southwest region of the state. Furthermore, Cape Station stands to benefit from the Department of Energy’s Frontier Observatory for Research in Geothermal Energy (FORGE), which, over the past six years, has conducted research that has propelled geothermal development in the area forward.

Earlier this year, Fervo made an announcement regarding the significant achievement of its commercial pilot initiative known as Project Red. Leveraging drilling technology expertise refined in the oil and gas sector, Fervo conducted a highly successful 30-day well test, which, according to Fervo, affirms the commercial viability of its drilling technology. This 30-day well test, a standard procedure in geothermal operations, achieved an impressive flow rate of 63 liters per second at a high temperature, enabling the generation of 3.5 MW of electricity. Fervo asserts that this accomplishment establishes new benchmarks for both flow rate and power output from an enhanced geothermal system.

As a result, Cape Station is now positioned to inject $1.1 billion into local supply chains and businesses, igniting economic growth within the county. Fervo has collaborated with well-established oil and gas firms, including Helmerich & Payne, Devon Energy, and Liberty Energy.

Nolan Davis, the Mayor of Milford, Utah, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, “Fervo’s Cape Station will serve as a remarkable asset to the Milford Valley, revitalizing the local economy and offering employment opportunities to our industrious residents.”

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