Florida’s North Dade Regional Library Goes Solar

Image by Advanced Green Technologies

Advanced Green Technologies (AGT) and Advanced Roofing have completed the installation of a 475 kW solar panel system at the North Dade Regional Library in Miami Gardens, Florida. This marks the first of three larger-scale solar projects planned for Miami-Dade County this year. The solar array comprises high-quality components such as Canadian Solar modules, RSDs, DCE racking, Chint inverters, and a Veris meter for monitoring, with an expected energy offset of 85% for the building.

Businesses can benefit from adding solar panels to their rooftops, as it can significantly reduce their energy costs and environmental impact while providing a long-term source of sustainable energy. By partnering with companies like AGT, businesses can achieve a quick and efficient installation process, ensuring that the transition to solar energy is seamless. Furthermore, this move can add value to the community while promoting environmental sustainability for generations to come.

The successful completion of the solar project at the North Dade Regional Library in Miami Gardens is an excellent example of how businesses can benefit from the implementation of solar energy. As more companies look to adopt sustainable practices, investing in solar panels for their rooftops will not only help reduce their carbon footprint but also improve their bottom line.

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