IberBlue Offshore Wind Development in Andalusia

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IberBlue Wind Sees Andalusia as Key Area for Offshore Wind Expansion

IberBlue Wind, a collaboration between Simply Blue Group, Proes Consultores, and FF New Energy Ventures, has announced its development of a floating offshore wind initiative named La Pinta, situated off the coast of Andalusia in southern Spain.

The project aims to generate 990 MW of renewable energy, utilizing up to 55 turbines with a capacity of 18 MW each. The proposed location of the wind farm is expected to be within a range of 15 km to 35 km from the shoreline. IberBlue has already submitted the initial project documentation, outlining its technical specifications, to the Ministry for Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO).

Julio Vera of IberBlue Wind highlights the significance of Andalusia as a prime location for offshore wind development in Spain. With its abundant wind resources, well-established infrastructure, and potential for growth, the region holds the promise of becoming a leading example in this field.

While the coasts of Granada and Almeria offer favorable conditions for offshore wind farms, reinforcing the local electricity network will be essential to accommodate the generated energy. Notably, this is IberBlue Wind’s second offshore wind farm endeavor in Andalusia, following the announcement of their Nao Victoria project in the Alboran Sea, off the coasts of Malaga and Cadiz, which also aims to generate 990 MW of renewable power.

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