IberBlue Wind Building Two Offshore Wind Farms

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IberBlue Wind Projects

IberBlue Wind has announced that it is developing two floating offshore wind projects on the North Atlantic coast, situated on the border between Spain and Portugal. The projects, named Juan Sebastián Elcano and Creoula, will have a combined capacity of almost 2 GW, comprising about 109 turbines spread across an area of 530 square kilometers off the coasts of Baixo Miño in Pontevedra and Viana do Castelo. IberBlue Wind has chosen the names Juan Sebastián Elcano and Creoula for the projects as a tribute to two historic training ships of the Spanish and Portuguese Navy.

Adrián de Andrés, vice president of IberBlue Wind, expresses excitement at the prospect of developing cross-border floating offshore wind projects and collaborating with both the Portuguese and Spanish governments on this positive opportunity for both countries. IberBlue Wind has engaged with the authorities of both countries and looks forward to continuing the engagement.

Juan Sebastián Elcano will feature 29 wind turbines with a nominal capacity of 522 MW, each having a capacity of 18 MW. The turbines will be mounted on floating platforms anchored to the seabed, spanning an area of 117 square kilometers from As Mariñas to A Guarda. This location falls within the Maritime Space Management Plans established by the Spanish government, including the North Atlantic demarcation, NOR-1.

Creoula will have 80 turbines of 18 MW each, giving it an installed capacity of 1,440 MW, covering an area of 413 square kilometers located between 20 and 40 km offshore. The project is within the areas designated by the Portuguese government for offshore wind farm development, contributing towards the goal of installing 10 GW of offshore wind by 2030.

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