Louisiana Seeks Primacy Over Carbon Capture

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EPA on Carbon Capture

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced on Friday that Louisiana’s request to obtain enforcement authority over carbon capture wells has been sent to the Federal Register for public comment. This is an important milestone in the process of obtaining “primacy,” which would allow Louisiana to expedite the permitting process.

Currently, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is responsible for managing permitting for most Class VI wells across the United States that are used for carbon capture and storage. However, Louisiana has applied to obtain enforcement authority over carbon capture wells, which would allow the state to speed up the permitting process and receive “primacy” status. This would make Louisiana one of the few states in the US with this authority, alongside North Dakota and Wyoming.

The importance of carbon capture and sequestration technology has grown significantly in recent years as it is viewed as a critical tool in reducing emissions and slowing global warming. Class VI wells are an important part of this technology, as they are used for the permanent storage of carbon dioxide.

By obtaining primacy over Class VI wells, Louisiana aims to streamline the permitting process for carbon capture projects in the state. This is a crucial step in the development of the industry, as companies have often faced lengthy delays in securing permits for their projects. The ability to permit wells independently of the EPA while implementing EPA standards would give Louisiana an edge over other states, creating new job opportunities and driving economic growth.

Louisiana’s Senator Bill Cassidy has welcomed the move, stating that capturing and storing carbon is the next phase of job creation and economic development in the state. He believes that the ability to permit wells independently will not only benefit the state’s economy but also help protect the environment.

Several major oil and gas companies, such as Talos Energy and Occidental Petroleum, have carbon capture and sequestration projects planned for Louisiana. The state’s bid for primacy over carbon capture wells will likely make it more attractive for these companies to invest in the region, creating new jobs and economic opportunities.

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