Major Automakers to Adopt Wireless BMS Tech

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LG Innotek, a subsidiary of LG Corporation that provides batteries and electronic products, has developed a wireless battery management system (BMS) that it asserts will increase the driving range of electric vehicles (EVs). The system was unveiled in February and was first reported by Charged EVs. According to LG Innotek, this is the first BMS that combines wireless battery management with an 800-volt electrical system. The firm intends to commence production of the technology by 2024.

Wireless Setup

According to LG Innotek, a wireless battery management system eliminates the need for numerous physical components such as wires and connectors, which enhances effectiveness. The company argues that this could result in a reduction of up to 198 pounds in vehicle weight and a 10-15% increase in battery pack space, allowing for more flexibility in battery design.

Additionally, the firm claims that it has achieved a range increase of up to 12 miles in EVs by implementing this technology. By removing the cables and connectors, potential failure points are eliminated, and battery packs are less complicated to assemble, resulting in the possibility of greater automation in vehicle manufacturing. LG Innotek believes that these features will soon persuade automakers to adopt wireless battery management.

LG Innotek has stated that, based on input from industry insiders, major automobile manufacturers around the world are anticipated to start implementing wireless BMS technology in 2024. General Motors is the first major automaker to have implemented a wireless BMS system, using one developed by Visteon for its Ultium EV platform.

GM has indicated that the wireless BMS technology will make it easier to swap out aging battery modules or to install a different cell/module without having to redesign the entire pack. The company collaborated with LG to develop its large-format pouch cells and has expressed its willingness to use other cell formats.

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