Nautilus Solar Transforms Sand Pit

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Nautilus Solar Energy Opens 7-MW Community Solar Farm in North Berwick, Maine

Nautilus Solar Energy, a company that owns and operates solar projects across the United States, celebrated the opening of a 7-MW community solar farm in North Berwick, Maine. This project, situated on a former sand pit, signifies the conversion of compromised land into a productive source of clean energy, local employment, and economic advancement for the community.

Approximately 35% of the community solar farm’s development was carried out by skilled workers from the local construction, engineering, and electrical sectors. Additionally, the project created 20 to 25 full-time positions for ongoing electrical and site vegetation management teams.

“We are delighted to commemorate the launch of this exceptional community solar farm in North Berwick,” stated Eric LaMora, Nautilus’ executive director of community solar. “By repurposing a former sand quarry, we have accomplished more than just generating clean energy. This project serves as an outstanding example of the potential to unlock local job opportunities and stimulate economic growth. We take pride in contributing to a sustainable and prosperous future for the entire community.”

The community solar project was developed by Endurance Clean Energy. In 2021, Nautilus acquired the quarry community solar farm, along with three other projects totaling 25.4 MWDC, from Endurance. Nautilus assumes long-term ownership and operation responsibilities for the community solar farm, including project management, asset management, maintenance services, and subscriber acquisition.

“Our team worked diligently with the quarry owner-operator, town, and state to effectively manage the land use transition from sand to solar. Today, we are thrilled to witness the realization of those efforts,” expressed Michael Lucini, president of Endurance Clean Energy. “Previously, this site contributed to building Maine for many years. Now, it will sustainably power Maine for many more years.”

The newly inaugurated community solar farm supplies clean energy to 66 commercial off-takers within the Central Maine Power utility territory, with an annual production of 10 million kWh.

Qualifying under the Maine Net Energy Billing Commercial program, the community solar project offers subscribers the opportunity to reduce their monthly utility bills while also decreasing their carbon footprint. It enables residents and businesses throughout Maine, who previously encountered barriers to accessing or affording solar energy, to participate in the community solar program. Through this initiative, residents can save 15% on their monthly utility bill without the need for complex and costly rooftop installations.

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