PearlX Powers High Desert Villas

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Innovative Solar and Storage Project Energizes California Senior Community

PearlX recently announced the completion of its inaugural large-scale solar and storage project following Antin Infrastructure Partners’ majority investment in the company earlier this year. The project involves the installation of solar panels and battery storage at High Desert Villas, a senior community comprising 232 units in Victorville, California. With over 700 kW of solar power on the rooftops and 314 kWh of battery storage, PearlX has implemented a community solar + storage model that offers benefits to all parties involved.

Under this model, Strata Equity Group, the property owner, receives increased cash flows through lease payments from PearlX. Subscribing residents gain access to clean energy, enjoy savings on their utility bills, and have access to reliable backup power during grid outages. On average, the installation will provide approximately 65% of the residents’ annual electricity consumption. The local utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), also benefits by utilizing the surplus power to stabilize the grid during peak demand response events.

This initiative at High Desert Villas represents one of the pioneering distributed generation installations in SCE’s utility territory, offering renters the combination of behind-the-meter storage and solar energy. PearlX has ambitious plans to serve more than 25,000 apartment renters across California by 2025.

Jeffrey Chan, senior asset manager at Strata Equity Group, expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, praising PearlX for their excellent communication and responsiveness throughout the process. He emphasized the excitement surrounding the operational solar installation, which not only provides clean energy to the community but also delivers cost savings to its residents.

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