SEG Solar Acquires Houston Manufacturing Facility

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The United States has been actively promoting the transition towards renewable energy, with solar power playing a vital role in this shift. While the country has been rapidly installing solar panels, it still heavily relies on imports to meet the demand for solar products. This dependence on imports not only puts a strain on the country’s economy but also poses a threat to national security, as it can disrupt the supply chain. Therefore, the establishment of solar manufacturing plants within the United States is crucial for achieving energy independence and ensuring a sustainable future. These plants can not only create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth but also reduce the carbon footprint of the country’s solar industry. In this context, the significance of United States solar manufacturing plants cannot be overstated.

SEG Solar

SEG Solar has announced the purchase of a building in Houston, Texas to establish its 2-GW solar module assembly plant. The site comprises of 145,000 sq. ft of manufacturing and warehouse space, and 16,000 sq. ft of office space.

Before the end of 2023, the company plans to relocate its global headquarters and administrative support from California to the same site. The factory aims to operate three production lines that can manufacture both TOPCon panels and conventional high-efficiency panels using either 182-mm or 210-mm solar cells. It is anticipated that production will commence in Q1 2024.

SEG’s Vice President and Chief Legal Officer, Michael Eden, expressed enthusiasm about the company’s plans to establish a manufacturing base in Texas, stating that they are eager to provide more domestic production to the U.S. market. According to Eden, the Houston factory will not only help to maintain low carbon, eco-friendly energy independence in the country but also contribute to securing a sustainable future for generations to come.


To facilitate the establishment of the factory, SEG will be investing $60 million to cover the cost of equipment purchasing and facility improvements. The company expects to generate 500 new job opportunities with the opening of the plant.

As per the company’s website, SEG Solar was founded in 2016 in Northern California and has been producing solar modules at a 750-MW facility in Vietnam. Recently, the company officially separated its business operations from Jiangsu Seraphim Solar System Ltd. and its affiliates, a process that began in March 2021.

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