Sustainable Wind Farm Preserves Arizona’s Heritage

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Chevelon Butte Wind Farm: Balancing Tradition, Conservation, and Progress

AES, a utility and power-generation company, has commenced commercial operations for the initial stage of the Chevelon Butte wind farm. Situated on the Chevelon Butte Ranch in Coconino and Navajo counties, Arizona, AES’ Chevelon Butte undertaking is projected to generate a combined capacity of 454 MW of wind power upon the full completion of both phases in the coming year.

The first phase of the project encompasses a capacity of 238 MW, with the remaining 216 MW anticipated to be operational in the subsequent year.

Bernerd Da Santos, a representative of AES, states, “Upon the completion of both phases, Chevelon Butte will become Arizona’s largest wind energy project and the first wind farm to be constructed in northern Arizona in nearly ten years.”

According to Da Santos, Chevelon Butte Ranch holds the distinction of being one of the oldest operational cattle ranches in Arizona. The wind farm development ensures compatibility with the existing land uses, allowing the landowner family and the Arizona State Land Department to continue their longstanding tradition of livestock farming that spans over a century.

In a collaborative effort with regulatory bodies and permit issuers, AES has implemented distinctive design elements to safeguard sensitive environmental resources and preserve the pristine dark skies of northern Arizona. This includes the integration of a radar-activated lighting system for the turbines, which will only illuminate when low-flying aircraft are nearby.

Upon its completion, the project will feature a total of 105 Vestas wind turbines.

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