Tesla To Stop Megapack Production At Original Site

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Refocusing Efforts at Site Upgrade and Expansion Project

According to reports, Tesla is discontinuing production of its Megapack storage batteries at its original battery Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada, as it undergoes a significant upgrade and expansion project at the site. While Tesla’s battery Gigafactory in Nevada was once a centerpiece of the company’s operations, it has fallen somewhat out of the spotlight in recent years, with critics noting that it hasn’t fully lived up to its original plans, including the lack of solar panels on its roof and a smaller-than-planned footprint.

Despite some past missteps, Tesla continues to look towards the future as it shifts its focus away from Megapack battery production at its original battery Gigafactory in Nevada. The automaker is now producing EVs out of multiple factories, and with the Tesla Semi already being delivered and the Cybertruck on the way, it appears that Tesla is ready to push forward with bigger plans for the site’s expansion. Recent reports suggest that Tesla has already produced its final Megapack at the Giga Nevada facility.

Tesla concludes Megapack production in Nevada, shifts focus to California and Shanghai factories

Tesla has stopped Megapack production at its Gigafactory in Nevada and will now shift all future Megapack production to its Lathrop, California factory and a new factory in Shanghai, China. The move comes as Tesla plans a major expansion and upgrade project at its Nevada site, which will focus on its primary role as a car production facility. The shift also stands to increase Tesla’s profits as it moves towards higher efficiency in production.

Tesla’s Giga Nevada factory is set for a major upgrade and expansion, including a long-promised solar roof and an area for Semi production, as well as increased resources to ramp up 4680 battery cell production. With the relocation of Megapack production to other factories, the Nevada site can now refocus on its primary role for Tesla’s EV and battery production. The company has always planned big, and these plans for Giga Nevada appear to be no exception.

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