TVA Expands Solar Power Generation Capacity

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Tennessee Valley Authority to Double Solar Power Capacity with 6,000 MW Initiative

The Tennessee Valley Authority has made progress in its initiative to increase the solar power generation capacity of the federally-owned utility.

In June of last year, TVA launched an extensive call for clean energy proposals, which it described as the largest of its kind in the nation. The authority plans to start granting contracts for around 6,000 MW of solar power and energy storage within the next two months. Currently, TVA has 1,600 MW of solar capacity in operation or under contract.

TVA has outlined its timeline for the completion of approximately 40 solar projects, which are projected to become operational in 2026.

Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) has set forth ambitious plans to substantially enhance its solar power capacity, aiming to add 10,000 MW of new solar energy by 2035. However, alongside this renewable energy push, the utility is also undertaking significant developments in natural gas capacity.

In order to meet the increasing demand, TVA is currently constructing approximately 3,800 MW of new generating capacity. A substantial portion of this capacity, specifically 3,100 MW, is being dedicated to new gas generation projects. Additionally, TVA has allocated $2.8 billion for transmission upgrades until 2027, further enhancing the efficiency and reliability of their energy infrastructure.

According to TVA CEO, Jeff Lyash, there is no singular solution to achieving clean energy objectives for both the region and the nation. Emphasizing the commitment to exploring various pathways to a clean energy future, he stressed the importance of rapid expansion in clean energy resources, including solar power, new nuclear technologies, and pumped storage.

During the first half of TVA’s Fiscal Year 2023, approximately 60% of the energy generated by the utility was derived from carbon-free sources such as nuclear, hydropower, and solar. This highlights the significant progress made in embracing diverse and environmentally friendly energy sources.

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