Understanding Front Of The Meter Electricity Systems

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The intersection of energy and technology is an increasingly complex landscape, and the challenge of creating an efficient and sustainable energy system is a global one. A key factor in this effort is the concept of front of the meter electricity systems. Here we will examine what a front of the meter system actually is.

What is Front of the Meter?

Front of the meter (FOM) systems refer to any type of energy generation, storage, or consumption that occurs prior to electricity reaching a customer’s meter. This includes utility-scale solar and wind, as well as small-scale solar and battery storage. FOM systems also include energy efficiency measures, such as smart thermostats and LED light bulbs, which may be installed behind the meter but still reduce the amount of energy that needs to be purchased.

Benefits of FOM Systems

FOM systems provide numerous benefits to both customers and utilities. On the customer side, FOM systems allow for improved energy efficiency and cost savings. Energy efficiency measures such as LED lighting and smart thermostats can reduce energy usage and associated costs, while renewable energy sources such as solar and wind can provide customers with free electricity.

From a utility perspective, FOM systems can help reduce peak demand, allowing the utility to replace more expensive peak power sources with cheaper base load sources. Additionally, FOM systems can reduce the need for expensive infrastructure upgrades, such as power lines and substations.

Should You Take Advantage of (FOM) Systems?

Front of the meter electricity systems are becoming an increasingly important part of the energy landscape. By understanding the benefits of FOM systems, both customers and utilities can take advantage of the cost savings and improved energy efficiency that these systems provide.

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