Vineyard Wind: Offshore Power Redefined

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Transforming Renewable Energy: Vineyard Wind Project Sets Sail

Vineyard Wind, a collaboration between Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners and Avangrid Inc., has achieved a significant milestone with the arrival of the initial shipment of turbine components for GE’s Haliade-X 13 MW turbine at the New Bedford Marine Commerce Terminal. The towers, delivered in three sections, will undergo staging and partial assembly at the terminal before being loaded onto a specialized barge for installation in the upcoming summer.

With approximately 100 skilled tradespeople expected to be employed during the peak construction phase, Vineyard Wind CEO Klaus S. Moeller expresses excitement, stating, “After a challenging journey, the first day of component arrival has arrived. The realization of New Bedford as the heart of the offshore wind industry is coming to fruition.” This achievement marks a significant step forward in the development of offshore wind energy in the region.

Vineyard Wind, a project with a capacity of 800 MW and situated 15 miles off the coast of Martha’s Vineyard, is poised to provide electricity to over 400,000 homes and businesses in Massachusetts. This endeavor will not only generate significant economic benefits, creating 3,600 full-time equivalent job years and saving customers $1.4 billion over the initial 20 years of operation, but it will also make substantial environmental contributions.

By reducing carbon emissions by over 1.6 million metric tons annually, which is equivalent to removing 325,000 cars from the road each year, the project will contribute to a greener future. Anticipated to commence energy delivery to Massachusetts this year, the arrival of the towers in the state serves as a tangible symbol of progress in transforming New England’s power grid. State Sen. Mike Barrett, senate chairman of the Joint Committee on Telecommunications, Utilities and Energy, expresses optimism, stating, “In the midst of global supply chain challenges, the presence of these towers in Massachusetts is a clear indication of the advancement in greening New England’s grid. It’s truly inspiring.”

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